Friday, June 19, 2015

Prayers for Charleston

Hey ya'll.

Today's normally the day I post Book News You Can Use, but not today.

As many of you had heard, my hometown was struck by an unthinkable tragedy Wednesday night. Nine people were shot and killed at (Mother) Emanuel A.M.E. Church, right in the heart of downtown Charleston.

Some of you may have also heard that I knew three of the victims.  The pastor was a state senator who represented the area that my parents live in. Another was the manager of the library that I often go to and would have conversations about library issues and life in general.  And one was a member of my beloved Delta and was in my alumnae chapter.

Many of my friends and neighbors lost loved ones during this tragedy.  And our area has gone through so much already this year, with the killing of Walter Scott (who several of my family members knew), a killing of a mother who was driving her car and just left a Mother's Day celebration, another woman who was killed in her car while she was on the way to visit her son, an attempted killing of a cop, Caitlyn the dog (because animal cruelty leads up to harming adults) and two young people (including a 5-year-old) shot and paralyzed - one being at the wrong place at the wrong time and the other seeking help from cops.

Please keep everyone who was affected in your thoughts and prayers.  Yesterday was rough and the next few days will be hard for everyone.  Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me on Facebook and Twitter, checking in on me. I really appreciate it. My community and I will remain #charlestonstrong.

Picture is from Fried Green Pickles.


  1. Hi Maya, I'm so sorry for the lost of not only the people you knew but for all of the victims. I know how emotionally hard this was for me to deal with yesterday, so I can't even begin to imagine what you have been going through. Know that my thoughts are with you, your family, and your community in Charleston. ((HUG))