Friday, March 13, 2015

Book News You Can Use 3/13/15

As some of you know, my job allows me to travel all over the great state of South Carolina, exhibiting for the website I work on.  And this week, I found myself exhibiting at the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Annual Conference.  And they had authors...and book signings! So I got a chance to meet Sharon Flake at the conference yesterday. It was great to have something different to do during the humdrum that is exhibiting.

Relax in Paradise Terry Pratchett.

Congratulations to all of the winner of the National Book Critics Circle Awards!

Also congrats to the nominees of the Baileys Women's Prize, Pen Faulkner Awards and Triangle Awards!

Speaking of school libraries, James Patterson is donating over $1 million to them!

And this comes at a good time after a report that not all school libraries are equal.

A no-no at the library: making a sex tape.

People were so concerned about Harper Lee that the state of Alabama was looking in a possible elder abuse case.

A new study shows that self-publishing is letting women break into the publishing industry.

Have you seen this app that takes out curse words and other bad language in e-books?

I forgot to put this in last week's post, but Buzz Feed did an awesome job with this list!

Shannon with Reading Has Purpose interviews Zimbabwean author Tendai Huchu.

The struggle of being a book nerd IS REAL.

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