Friday, October 31, 2014

Book News You Can Use 10/31/14

Relax in Paradise Galway Kinnell.

Congratulations to the winners of the African American Literary AwardsAll Things Literary Awards, the Hurston/Wright Foundation Awards and the Lannan Literary Awards!

A lot of great books were named as Publishers Weekly's Best of 2014!

A lost Malcolm Lowry book will be published for the first time.

Amazon's dispute with Hatchette may be hurting its sales.

Go The F*** To Sleep will never be on Reading Rainbow, but that didn't stop LeVar Burton from reading the book for a good cause.

The first in-depth biography of Beyonce will be released next year by the author who's done bios of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

USA Today reviewed the new biography on Aretha Franklin.  And the LA Times reviewed George Clinton's new book.

The Boss (Springsteen, not Ross) talks about his favorite books.

Watch this video of Mark Whitaker discuss his biography on Bill Cosby on C-SPAN.

Two new fundraising efforts (one which has been fully funded): Free For All and We Need Diverse Books.

Here are some very good tips on how to navigate literary events.

John Grisham's thoughts about child porn didn't affect his book sales.

Just came across this on Facebook: How can African American authors level the playing field in publishing?

A waitress stumbles upon a publishing editor and gets a two-book deal.

Kameelah Janan Rasheed has been interviewing a lot of young black authors lately.

She's a writer, a feminist...and a stripper.

R.L. Stine wrote a short story on Twitter.

This movie tie-in cover for Inherent Vice is nice.  I know that rhymed.

Here is the Gone Girl movie...reenacted by cats.

There will be no Book News next week due to my attendance at the National Conference on Health Disparities. Off to Long Beach, CA!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Don't forget to vote on Tuesday (if you haven't already)! And if you live in Charleston County, SC, vote YES FOR LIBRARIES!!

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