Friday, September 26, 2014

Book News You Can Use 9/26/14

“In truth, love is everything. You can live without money. You cannot live without love…of someone or something. Everyone is forever trying to find love in some way. Everyone is trying to win something. Wanting some satisfaction.”— Paul from “In Search of Satisfaction" by J. California Cooper
Relax in Paradise J. California Cooper and Alastair Reid.

Congratulations to all of the Amtrak Residency Program winners!

Publishers Weekly wrote about diversity in the publishing industry and realized that it was sorely lacking. Duh.

The mother of one of the Columbine shooters is writing a book.  Um...I don't know about this.

I'm looking forward to reading The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace.  The author, Jeff Hobbs, spoke to an NPR station about the book.

Another book I am looking forward to is New York Times columist Charles M. Blow's memoir.  Read an excerpt here.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books will be released as e-books.

R.L. Stine supports Amazon's low e-book pricing.  Stephen King thinks that paper books will be around for a long time.

Speaking of Stephen King, his book about the Kennedy assasation will be developed for a series on Hulu.

This is Banned Books Week and we are still dealing with stuff like this in 2014. Even The Fault in Our Stars isn't immune.  You can celebrate by reading all of these banned books.

We are ONE WEEK AWAY from the Gone Girl movie! This article suggest that you should read (or re-read) the book.

The Rosie Project has been optioned by Sony to become a movie!

Want to travel to Africa without leaving your home?  Here is a list about books based in Africa!

Four universities, including two in Chicago, have been selected as finalists for the Obama Presidental Library.

We always give love to the public librarians, but don't forget about those who work in the schools!

Did you know that reading slow for 30 minutes benefits your brain and cuts stress?

Here are tips on how to get out of a reading rut. I have been in one all year long and numbers 3 and 5 aren't working.

Picture is from Art Sancutary in Philly. Quote is from Facebook.

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