Friday, September 12, 2014

Book News You Can Use 9/12/14

Relax in Paradise Graham Joyce.

Congrats to all of the short-list nominees of the Booker Prize!

Here is the 20 most beloved books of all time...according to Facebook.

In light of what happened last week when a review about a book about slavery wasn't received well, what happens when book reviews don't go so well?

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has a book deal.

YA author Jane Quin-Harkin says that 80s teen lit never gets old.

We are three weeks away from the Gone Girl movie and author Gillian Flynn interviews Rosamund Pike (who plays Amy) for Glamour.

Judge Judy is offering her new book for free.

There is a new project that will adapt novels to become television series.

Don't be surprised if the Lambly (also known as Mariah Carey's fans) come after Nick Cannon for leaving her name off a children's book they were suppose to write together.

A teen secretly publishes his mother's manuscript, which boosts her writing career. Please give him the Son of the Year award.

My friend VaLinda has done some (much deserved) traveling this summer and has posted pictures of her vacation, which includes meeting a few authors.

To celebrate for the 40th anniversary of For Colored Girls, an art exhibit inspired by the play will be at the Schomburg Center in New York City.

Usher and Scholastic have joined forces to try to get more young people to read. YEAH MAN.

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