Friday, June 6, 2014

Book News You Can Use 6/6/14

Relax in Paradise Susan Spencer-Wendel.

A memorial service for Maya Angelou will take place tomorrow morning at Wake Forest University and will be live-streamed.

Nikki Giovanni wrote a new poem in memory of Maya.

Congratulations to Eimear McBride and all of the winners of the Lambda Awards!

Toni Morrison wants to know if we can find paradise on Earth.

Two Texas women are suing over profits from the 50 Shades of Gray series.  I would totally support them if they were suing for reimbursement for buying those books.

A.C. Slater, I mean Mario Lopez, and David Spade are coming out with memoirs.

This 13 year old has written two books.  I was too busy reading and listening to Tevin Campbell and Boyz II Men at 13.  And I was too busy watching cartoons to be writing a book at 6. SIX.

Barnes and Noble has partnered with Samsung to bring out tablets with Nook software.

James Patterson, JK Rowling and Stephen Colbert has spoke out against Amazon's treatment of Hatchette (most likely because it is affecting their cash flow).

The fifth anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing is coming up and at least two books are coming out: one from his two bodyguards (and I hate the headline) and one about the resurrection of his empire.

HBO will be developing a trilogy by Margaret Atwood as a possible TV show.  If it isn't broke...

I think any criticism of bring back Reading Rainbow is bull.  But don't take my word for it.

There will be graphic novels of Shaft! No word on whether the animated Shaft will look like Richard Roundtree or Samuel L. Jackson.

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