Friday, January 10, 2014

Book News You Can Use 1/10/14

Relax in Paradise Amiri Baraka and Elizabeth Jane Howard.

Congratulations to all of the Image Award nominees!

The Millions created a list of the most anticipated releases of 2014.  So did Huffington Post.

The only book I was interested in reading from USA Today's Winter Book Preview was Robin Roberts'.

Here is a list of 16 books you need to read before their film adaptations are released this year.  The bad news is that Addicted wasn't on the list.  The good news is that 50 Shades isn't, either.

Speaking of one of the books that will be adapted to a film this year, this magazine cover doesn't make any sense (for those who have read Gone Girl).

Book social network Bookish has been acquired by Zola Books, an online retailer.

You will see more Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang in books as S&S signs on as a publisher.

Here is a New York Times review of Foreign Gods, Inc.

In sad news, a Lebanese library has burned down, causing the loss of 50,000 books.

These kids wrote about a world without libraries.

The nation's only bookless library open recently.

This year's National Book Festival will be one day and indoors.

I might have been reading books when I was a teenager, but writing (and publishing) a book was not on my mind.

Some of these stereotypes of about book lovers fit me. And some of them don't.

I never thought about what would be on Beyonce's bookshelf (or any celebrity for that matter).  Somebody did.

Reluctant hero Charles Ramsey (who rescued the three kidnapped girls in Cleveland) has a book deal.

Sonia Sanchez talks about activism and poetry in this interview on MSNBC.

Tuesday was Zora Neale Hurston's birthday.  And Google celebrated.

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