Friday, October 18, 2013

Tamika Newhouse Visits Charleston

Tamika Newhouse visited North Charleston on March 23 and visited the Sistah Reading Sistah Book Club.

Weeks before this event happened, two friends told me that Tamika was coming to Charleston.  One didn't know an actual date and when the date was revealed, she had to work.  The other friend who told me the date was suppose to come, but never showed up.  Luckily, my friend Nadia showed up and we were greeted warmly by the Sistah Reading Sistah Book Club, which is a book club for single mothers (despite the fact that Nadia and I are single, but don't have kids).  The meeting was at an Extended Stay America meeting room and representatives from Thirty-One was there.

Tamika talked about her life journey, from becoming a teen mom to a published author.  She also talked about the writing process and why she decided to go the independent route when it was time to publish her books.  Tamika has her own publishing company, Delphine Publications, and how she works with other authors.

Even though this was a small event, I still enjoyed it.  Many of us got a chance to talk with Tamika and was able to ask a variety of questions.  Even though this was the first time that Tamika visited the Holy City, I hope this will not be her last!  Let's hope that more of my friends will be available for the next time she comes to Charleston.

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