Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Never Say Never

June marked six years since nine Charleston firefighters lost their lives in the Sofa Super Store fire.  This tragedy has made people in my hometown more aware of the work and dedication that firefighters have, especially in light of the recent tragedies in Houston and Arizona.

But what happens to the widows and families that the deceased firefighters left behind?  How do they move on? After hearing that many widows of firemen who died in 9/11 married other firemen, Victoria Christopher Murrary decided to examine what happens in Never Say Never.

Miriam is married to Chauncey and Jamal is married to Emily.  They are all best friends and both Chauncey and Jamal are firefighters.  When Chauncey dies in a school fire, Miriam feels that her life is over.  Luckily, Jamal and Emily are there for her.  But as time goes on, Jamal and Miriam get close. Very close, if you know what I mean. How will this affair impact the surviving friends?

This book is a little different from what I have read from Victoria in the past, but I still enjoyed it.  It shows how grief can take over someone's life and make them do things they would never do.  I had a chance to discuss the book with Victoria when we saw each other at Delta Sigma Theta's National Convention. I told her about the Sofa Super Store fire and she asked if any of the widows married other firefighters.  I told her no, but the families have pretty much kept their privacy after the event and if they did, the public never knew about it.

If you have enjoyed Victoria's past novels, you will enjoy Never Say Never.

Received ARC from Touchstone and Netgallery.  Opinions are my own.

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