Friday, August 30, 2013

Book News You Can Use 8/30/13

I love to read. I wish I could advise more people to read. There’s a whole other world in books. If you can’t afford to travel, you travel mentally through reading. You can see anything and go any place you want to in reading.

Happy (Belated) Birthday Michael!! 

Relax in Paradise Seamus Heaney.

This week was the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.  NPR has recommended some books about the Civil Rights Movement for your reading pleasure.

Elmore Leonard's son may finish his last novel.

Will there be more J.D. Salinger books?

Publishers Weekly announced their indie books picks for the fall.  The only that caught my attention was the one about Matthew Shepard. 

And Kirkus has announced their best bios released in the fall.

Jesmyn Ward honors Trayvon Martin, her deceased brother and other black males in this Chicago Tribune article.  Her new book is about loosing several black men in her life.

Nikki Giovanni talks about the March on Washington and how Dr. King's speech give us hope. And she also wrote a poem about it.  And how did I miss that she's coming out with an new book in October?

Here is a review of Edwidge Danticat's new book from the Washington Post.  I have an ARC of this book and look forward to reading it.

When I heard that the New York Times was doing a review on Nine Years Under, I thought it was going to be one those long, detailed reviews.  I thought wrong

An Alabama senator wants to remove The Bluest Eyes from public schools. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Michael's picture and quote came from his official Facebook page

Friday, August 23, 2013

Book News You Can Use 8/23/13

Tomorrow, the Book Club Groupies (the book club formally known as the Literary Divas of the Lowcounty) will be discussing The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat.  This book is not about Diana, Mary and Florence, but about Odetta, Clarice and Barbara Jean.  They have been friends for more than 40 years and are experiencing the highs and lows that come with being older. And they also eat every Sunday at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat.  I read this book several months ago and truly enjoyed it.  Can't wait to see how the other members felt about it.

Relax in Paradise Elmore Leonard and Albert Murray.

Alice Walker was re-invited back to the University of Michigan.

Lifetime has ordered a pilot from Nicholas Sparks.

Ann Brashares is coming out with a new YA book.  No traveling pants this time.

I knew that my U.S. House Representative was writing his memoir.  What I didn't know was that USC Press was publishing it.

Good news/bad news for Barnes and Noble.  The good news is that they have settled their dispute with Simon and Schuster.  The bad news is everything else.  And we thought the Nook tablets were dead!

Today is resurrecting their book club, hoping to get more viewers readers.  Their first selection is a book they are hyping up as the next Harry Potter.

The Residue Years has been on my radar.  This book got a great review in the New York Times.

Attention Idris fans: he will star in the adaptation of Beast of No Nation.

A writer at Jet made a list of books for African-American youth.  Thoughts?

Lauren Pippa has canceled the release of her first book partly because what happened to her on Goodreads.  And it's pretty bad, ya'll.

So folks made a big deal about what the College of Charleston freshmen had to read.  Here is the best freshman college reads from other schools.

I know you're wondering what happened to the Invisible Life movie. Here's your answer.

Pic is from the publisher, Random House.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dream Girl Awakened

Do you know the feeling when you read a book and it's way better than you thought it would be?  This is what I though about Dream Girl Awakened by first-time author Stacey Campbell.

Dream Girl Awakened is a book about three women who wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.  Aruba is married to James, who has just quit his fifth job in seven months (yes, he is beyond trifling).  She wants a better man and has her eyes on her friend Victoria's husband, Winston.

Victoria is a pampered wife, who pretty much spends her day spending her husband's money.  But when Winston pulls away from the marriage, will she be able to save it before it's too late?

And let's talk about Tawatha. Tawatha, Tawatha, Tawatha. She has four children by four different men and barely making it. And has her sights on being James' new wife.  How far will she go to make sure that James puts a ring on it?

As I said before, this book exceeded all of my expectations.  The story moved right along and also included minor characters whose roles in the book were important to the storyline.  I also enjoyed how all of the characters were linked to each other.  It was a book I couldn't put down and wanted to talk to a friend who had also finished the book after I was done.

I was satisfied with the ending of this book, but Campbell wasn't.  There will be a sequel that will be released in February. A snippet of Forgive Me was at the end of the book.  I look forward to reading more from Campbell!

Received an ARC from Atria Books and Netgalley.  Opinions are my own.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon

After more than 30 years in the music business, Prince continues to amaze us. He continues to churn out songs and tours frequently.  He even came to my hometown two years ago!  When he decided to join Twitter last week, many fans (including myself) were shocked because he is VERY anti-Internet (good luck looking for a Prince video on YouTube).

Journalist and pop culture critic Toure's latest book, I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon (named after the song that was in Purple Rain) examines Prince's life and how it reflects in his songs.  And is able to do all of this in less than 200 pages.

Toure breaks down Prince's songs into three categories: autobiographical, sexual (duh) and spiritual.  Some of his songs do overlap in these categories, in which Toure does give detailed analysis through out the book

This book is also sprinkled with autobiographical information and has interviews with former band members, superfans (such as Questlove) and others in the music industry.  

This book reads like an academic book (it is based off of a series of lectures Toure did about Prince), but it's not boggled down and I was able to read it fairly quickly.  And as I mentioned before, the book is not long, clocking in at less than 200 pages.  I would recommend this book to ultimate Prince fans and those, like me, who enjoy music history.

Bonus: Here is a video which Toure, Questlove, writer Danyel Smith and music executive Alan Leeds discuss Prince.  This event was held when the book was first released and will give you a feel of what the book is like. It's over an hour long, but it's worth it.

Received ARC from Netgalley and Atria Books, the publisher of the book.  Opinions are my own.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book News You Can Use 8/16/13

So this picture pretty much looks like Charleston right now.  And will be for the next several days.

Forbes just recently announced the World's Top-Earning Authors.

Fellow blogger ZoraToniMaya highlight new releases that she is looking forward too.  I had two on my radar, but I will check out the others as well.

The PEN Award winners were announced this week.

In time for Anchorman 2, Ron Burgundy will be releasing his autobiography. Stay classy, book readers.

Not every YA book has a short road to theaters.

David Baldacci is the latest author to test his waters in the YA genre.

Lionsgate has purchased the movie rights to Kate Atkinson's Life After Life.

I am Team Obama, so you know that I don't like it when authors compare the president to Hitler.

ETA: Three more links!

Alice Walker was disinvited from the University of Michigan for her views on Israel.

What is the problem with New Adult books?

Awesome news of the week: Lambda Literary has created an award in memory of E. Lynn Harris. They are calling for black gay writers to write a short story and the winner will win $100 and be featured in Lambda Literary Review. Yes, yes and YES.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Book News You Can Use 8/9/13

The New York Public Library has a new exhibit where people can relive their favorite children's books.

The Scholastic Book Club is returning as the Scholastic Reading Club.  This book club, the Troll Book Club and several book sales at school took a lot of my mother's money back in the day.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has bought the Washington Post.

If you want to know why you can't get Zane as an ebook at your public library, this is (a CliffNotes version of) why.

Here are the 25 best websites for literary lovers, according to someone at Flavorwire.

Here are 40 books you should read before you are 40, according to someone who works for Oprah/Huffington Post. I've read three, started on one and have one that I own, but haven't read. At least I have 5+ years to finish this book.

Lori Tharps came up with 10 books you should read before this summer ends.  And I've read four of them! And if you haven't read Substitute Me, please do so. Now.

The Silent Wife is being called the next Gone Girl. But sadly, the author is not here to enjoy her success.

Elmore Leonard, the author behind Get Shorty and Justified, is recovering from a stroke.

Meryl Streep will be in the movie adaptation of The Good House and may be in the adaptation of The Giver.

You tell them, Danielle Steel!

Tayari Jones is in good company as Leaving Atlanta was named by Bookpage as one of the top 25 debuts of the last decade.

Last week I told you about the effort of making Babylon Sisters a movie.  Check out Pearl Cleage and filmmaker Ayoka Chenzira discussing their efforts to make Babylon and What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day into movies.

Henrietta Lacks' family and the National Institute of Health have reached a settlement on how to use her DNA for future research.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Book News You Can Use 8/2/13

My Friday Reads is Ghana Must Go.  It started out slow (at least to me) at first, and now it's picked up. I hope to be done with it soon (especially that the book was due back to the library yesterday and I can't renew it).

Kelly Clarkson bought Jane Austen's ring but the Brits don't want her to have it.

A man from my hometown has to pay Fern Michaels $75,000 for defamation.

While Spike Lee is raising money for his new project on Kickstarter, his wife Tonya and her production partner have acquired movie rights to five books, including ones by Lois Lowry and Walter Dean Myers.

A court case that involved the identity of Robert Galbraith (AKA J. K. Rowling) has been settled.  She's still winning.

With your help, we can help producers make Pearl Cleage's Babylon Sisters into a movie!

The National Book Club Conference started today.  The timing of this year's event didn't work out, since it was stuck between Delta's National Convention and my sister's wedding next weekend.  Here's the blog post of my book club and I attending the event two years ago.  At least registration for 2014 is already open (and hope it doesn't conflict with South Atlantic Regional Convention).

Pic is from Penguin, the publisher of the book.