Friday, June 21, 2013

Book News You Can Use 6/21/13

Happy First Day of Summer!

Relax in Paradise Vince Flynn and Michael Hastings.

The Apple antitrust case should be ending soon.

B&N is trying to give away the Nook.  I think they will be out of the device business by next year.  And that may be too late.

If you haven't gotten Questlove's book, you should do so. Now. This story alone should make you run and get it.

Somewhat book related, since she has cookbooks and a magazine (that my mother subscribes to), but DAMN IT PAULA!!  I'm totally letdown by this.

I know this not book related, but I hope that Kim and Kanye are Zadie Smith fans.  Because that is the only explanation I will accept for naming their child North.

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