Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On the road again (maybe)

Since September is here, fall book festivals and author appearances are popping up. Since I live in the great state of South Carolina, here are the events that I either want to go, may go or will go.

Tomorrow night(September 2) at 7 p.m., Eric Jerome Dickey will be at the Sandhills Books-A-Million in Columbia. I really want to go to this, because he is one of my favorite authors and one of the very few I haven't met. There are two things that are stopping me. One is that I have an online class from 5-7. But I could be MIA and watch it on video later. But the professor says it's mandatory (emphasis on the an).

This is the second reason:

Even though I am a very proud alumni of the University of South Carolina and love Gamecock football (despite the highs and lows), I know that traffic is going to be hell. And this is the first game. And there will be drunk people on the roads on my way back.

So I'm still thinking about whether I should go. I did drop him a line on Facebook to see if he can come to Charleston at a later time. According to an interview, he's taking a break after Tempted By Trouble (which I am reading now and am mad at myself for leaving the book at work because I really wanted to finish it tonight). So maybe he will come and visit. And get inspired. And mention Meeting Street a lot like he does with Cascade Avenue in Atlanta (and I know where all of those places are because I have cousins who live down the street).

Next weekend (September 10 and 11) is the Charlotte Literary Festival. Confirmed authors include Mary Monroe and former Essence editor Susan Taylor. There will also be a Neo-Soul Festival, featuring Algebra and Dwele.

My problem is that I don't want to go by myself. Unlike Columbia, I don't know Charlotte that well and none of my friends have shown interest in going. So there is a strong possibility that I may pass on this one.

On October 2, it's back to Columbia for SistahFriend Book Club's first African-American Literary Festival. Mary Monroe will also be at this event, as well as Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, Donna Hill and Marissa Monteilh.

This time around, I have friends who want to go! Even if people in the book club that I'm in backs out and another friend can't go due to work (just got a promotion at the library), I still plan to go. And I have to be back in Charleston to see Patti and Boyz II Men later that night.

Several months ago, I mentioned the Capital Bookfest that is coming to Charleston on November 6. A lot has happened then since the lineup. The main headliner is Nikki Giovanni (yay!) and more than 50 authors (I think this number is higher than that, so don't quote me) will be in attendance. This time, I just have to roll out of bed and drive myself downtown. :-)

So this is what I am thinking about doing as in terms of satisfying my book addiction. I will also be on the road a lot for my job, but that will not conflict (so far) with my schedule. And maybe sometime soon, I will finally put up my experience at the South Carolina Book Festival. I swear.

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