Friday, April 24, 2015

Book News You Can Use 4/24/15

I'm starting off today's post with a picture of Eric Jerome Dickey and myself at the 2011 South Carolina Book Festival.  I know you are wondering why I have this picture up.  One, his latest book One Night came out this week.  And two, I will be seeing him again tomorrow at the Sandhills Books-A-Million in Columbia!  So we will most likely take a new picture together that won't have Eric's locs. And I'll be carrying a few more pounds.  Learn more about One Night here, here and here.

Relax in Paradise William Price Fox and Frederic Morton.

Congratulations to the winners of the Pulitzer Prize (shout-out to the hometown paper, The Post and Courier) and the L.A. Times Book Prize!

Pulitzer Prize Poetry Winner Gregory Pardolo is getting use to his sudden fame.  And I didn't know his brother was in City High!

Another author who released a book this week was Attica Locke.  She talks about Pleasantville here (with Rachel Howzell Hall) and here (with NPR).

And Toni Morrison's new book was released this week.  More of her here, herehere and here.

An awesome book that came out last week was The Turner House by Soror Angela Flournoy.  Read more about the book here and here.

Oh, Kola.

Jacqueline Woodson talks about why she used poetry in her award-winning book Brown Girl Dreaming.

Another author I stan for is Ann Rule.  This story about her family drama ticks me off.  I also hate to hear that she is not in good health.

The Girl on the Train is one of the fastest-selling books of all timeAnd stop comparing it to Gone Girl! The book is good without the comparison!

Resse Witherspoon will be narrating the audiobook for Go Set a Watchman.

The middle Kardashian sister will be writing an advise and lifestyle book.  Probably because she's the only voice of reason in that family.

The cover for the new Dr. Seuss book has been revealed.

Here is the trailer for The Little Prince!

The remaining movies in the Fifty Shades of Crap Gray series will be released in 2017 and 2018. Meanwhile, E.L. James' husband will be writing the screenplay for the next movie.

The Signature of All Things has been optioned to be on PBS!

This book about African-Americans who worked at NASA in the beginning sounds so interesting.  I should pass this along to my uncle, who has been following space exploration since he was a child.

Romance author Adrianne Bird has started a GoFundMe campaign to help her with medical bills that wasn't covered by insurance. #thisiswhyweneedobamacare

A seven-year-old won a contest after creating a superhero with her powers stored in her Afro puffs.  Rock on with your bad self.

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