Friday, November 29, 2013

Books News You Can Use 11/29/13

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I would like to take this time and thank everyone (sorors and those in the Charleston community) who came out to Charleston Alumnae's event with Kwame Alexander last Friday.  Special thanks goes out to the staff at the main library at Charleston County Public Library for being wonderful hosts.  I was event coordinator for this event and was nervous on whether it would be a success. And it was!  Hopefully this will not be the last literary event that my chapter will organize.  I have some ideas so stay tuned!

And one more thing....GO GAMECOCKS!! BEAT THE TIGERS!!

Relax in Paradise Wanda Coleman.

Michelle Knight will also write a book about being held for more than a decade by Ariel Castro.  Personally, I don't know about this.

I am still thinking about reading Hunting Season, which was recently featured on NPR. I saw the case on Fatal Encounters several months ago.  My ID addiction is showing.

I don't care how many stars are going to be in A Day Late and A Dollar Short, it deserves better than being on Lifetime.

James McBride is still winning as Song Yet Unsung will be adapted into a mini-series for FX.

Teenagers still like to read (physical) books.

ETA: 12/1/13: Moved the picture to the top!

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