Friday, September 20, 2013

Book News You Can Use 9/20/13

Grace Jones is writing a memoir, which is planned to be published next fall.

I guess this is the year that ignorant people attack The Bluest Eyes. This time it's from Toni's home state of Ohio.

And a school board in North Carolina has banned Invisible Man.

Paula Deen has come out of hiding and has made her first public appearance in months.

As my hopes for a decent Gone Girl movie continues to get dashed, meet the model who will play the other woman in Nick's life.

The National Book Award nominees were announced this week.

Thirteen of James Baldwin's books have been released in e-books.

James Patterson is giving independent bookstores $1 million.

Wild meets Silver Sparrow: Cheryl Strayed recently met her long-lost half-sister.

Jesmyn Ward talks about how she wrote Men We Reaped.

Terry McMillian gave some insight into the state of African-American authors and big publishers in this article.

The movie based on Zane's Addicted has gotten a release date. Thank God it will be out before the 50 Shades movie.

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