Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trading Books

As some of you may know, I finished graduate school in May. This gives me time purchase and read books that I would enjoy, instead of books about library science.

Since all of my books were purchased through Amazon, I was given the opportunity to trade in the books for items that I may want by giving me a virtual gift card. It's like trading your books back in while you were in college, except you mail them and probably get more money back. Once you let them know which books you are going to return, you print out a receipt that goes inside of the box and a postage label. After you mail them off, it will take several days for Amazon to notify you on when your credit becomes available.

This was one of the books I couldn't sell back (due to a new edition) but it is an example of what some of my grad school books look like.

So after searching for books at my parents' house (I moved while I was in school) and my house, I was able to mail off several books. I got a credit of almost $170.

When I was notified that my credit was applied to my Amazon account. I had to figure which books I was going to buy. I wanted books from authors I am a fan of, as well as new books I would be interested in and books I would like to have signed at the National Book Club Conference.

So which books did I choose?

Three books I've already read: 32 Candles, Wench and Push. I bought 32 Candles and Wench because the authors will be at NBCC and Push because...

I bought The Kid. I though I may need to refer back to Push, but from what I heard, there is no need.

Mogul because one of my friends recommended it and said I would like it because it's a lot like a E. Lynn Harris book. Speaking of E. Lynn I got...

No One in the World, which is also written by R. M Johnson (who will also be at NBCC).

Silver Sparrow
, because I have heard so many good things about it and couldn't wait to read it. The author, Tayari Jones, will also be at NBCC. Out of the bunch, this was the first one I started reading.

When The Thrill is Gone, because it is the NBCC's selection for the world's biggest book club meeting. And it doesn't hurt that Walter Mosley will be in the house.

Money Can't Buy Love
, because I am a Connie Briscoe fan.

And last, but not least, The VIPs, because Ebony gave it a good recommendation in July's issue.

I still have about $30 left in gift credits, as well as a few more books to sell back (which should net me another $40). I also have a $25 Nook gift card I got as a graduation gift. What do you suggest I buy next? And what books have you recently purchased that you enjoyed?

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  1. I'm also reading Connie Briscoe's Money Can't Buy Love and Sapphire's The Kid. Looking forward to discussing with you.

    Congrats again on completing school. Great deal on trading your books back in!