Saturday, July 23, 2011

My trip to Waldenbooks

As many of you may know, Borders and Waldenbooks are going out of business. There is a Waldenbooks in my city and since I was on that side of town anyway, I decided to go there this morning.

I got there close to 10 a.m., before the doors opened. Here are some things I saw during my 30 minutes at the store:

I didn't see a markdown on the new releases. Markdowns are based on what section you are in the store. If you want something in business or politics, you got 30% off. Biographies and DVDs were 20% off. Children's books, young adult books and various fiction - 10% off.

I know this store was catered for the tourists, but their African-American fiction and true crime section was poor.

Remember Steve Harvey's visit to Charleston a few months ago? Well, this was the store he visited and there is evidence of it. There are TWO FULL SHELVES of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser. And most of them are signed. But I didn't see any sale sign on them.

The only thing that was 40% off was the magazines, which I can understand why they would want to get rid of those. I took advantage by getting some Penny Press word search books.

They are not accepting checks, but only cash or credit. And of course no returns.

Besides the word search books, I bought a book my book club was going to be reading soon, two fairly new true crime releases and two book marks. In total, I spent about $40. Then I discovered a book that was suppose to be 20% off only showed up 10% off the receipt! I think I only lost .50.

I don't know if I will be able to go back to Waldenbooks, but if they want books to be flying off the shelves so they can close, they need to lower the prices.

If you decide to go to your local Borders and Waldenbooks to check out their out-of-business sale, here are some tips from Consumer Reports to help you while shopping.


  1. Sounds like my trip to Borders. The 40% rewards member coupons are a greater sale than the liquidation. It's as if Borders doesn't want to rid of stock. Further, I don't understand why the store was so packed with customers like it was a huge savings on books. **shrugs**

    There are two near me so I keep stopping in, but the savings just aren't there yet.

  2. I haven't been back to Waldenbooks since my trip and don't know if I will be back. It is in downtown Charleston, right in the middle of the tourism part of the city. If I happen to be in that part of town, fine. But I'm not rushing to get back there.

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