Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Reads 2011

Today marks the unofficial start of summer. And with summer comes sand, surf, cookouts and new books to read!

Some of the books I look forward to reading this summer include:

Silver Sparrow: I follow the author, Tayari Jones, on Twitter and this book has received a lot of praise from the lit world. It's about two sisters who don't know about each other because their father's a bigamist.

Money Can't Buy Love: Connie Briscoe is back with her latest one. A woman, who is down on her luck, wins the lottery. But is the grass greener on the other side?

Just Wanna Testify: In my last post, I talked about the awesomeness that is Pearl Cleage. In this latest one, we return to the West End of Atlanta, where Blue Hamilton encounters some supermodels who bring trouble to the neighborhood.

The Kid: This is Sapphire's sequel to Push (Precious for the movie goers). The book follows the journey of Abdul, Precious' son. You may want to read the description at your own risk because there is a spoiler. I'm thinking about writing more about this book closer to when it comes out or after I read it. Also, the book club that I'm in is reading it for the month of July.

If Sons, Then Heirs: One big issue in where I live in South Carolina is heirs property. This book deals with this when a man, who now lives in Philly, has to sell property to take care of his great-grandmother. Problem is, it may not be hers.

No One In The World: Some people are stans (or super fans, for a better definition), of certain authors, singers, etc. Some people are stans for Beyonce. Some are gaga for Gaga (we call them Little Monsters). Some read anything from James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, or Nora Roberts (or J.D. Robb). I am a stan for E. Lynn Harris. I saw the man three times! So his passing two years ago broke my heart. But with the help of RM Johnson, one of his unfinished works will see the light of day.

Some major media outlets are also featuring some summer reads:

NPR (added 5/31/11)

More NPR (added 5/31/11)

NY Daily News (added 5/31/11)

Newsweek (added 5/31/11)

CSM (added 5/31/11)

There are other books that I didn't list that I may read, but this is the ones I know I will at least get this summer. What books do you plan to read during the summer?

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