Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why I Changed My Mind About "O"... And Why I Regret It

I know Joe, I lied.

(And FYI, even thought I live in South Carolina, I do not live in the district he represents and I DO NOT CONDONE HIS ACTIONS).

But back to the books.

Several months ago, I swore that I would not read the book "O" because it was possible it was from one of Joe's fellow Republicans. But once the book arrived for me at the library, I did check it out. The book came into my possession around the time of my housewarming. The cousin who tells me it's good to hear what the other side says....he was in town for the event. And one of my friends, who has more books and items about Obama than I could imagine, said she had the book and that we could read it together.

After trying to read this book off and on for the past two months, I just gave up. Not because the allege writer is Sen. McCain's former speechwriter. It's not because it seems anti-Obama and shows him as an arrogant man who thinks he knows it all, which it does. And it's not because the fictional Republican nominee is a cross between McCain and Mitt Romney. And not because it's a failed attempt to duplicate the success of Primary Colors.

The book sucks. Simple as that.

I had an extremely hard time reading it, barely making it pass page 100. There are so many characters in this book, it is hard to follow who is who and what relevance they had. It just got to the point where I didn't care anymore. And when it gets to that point, it's a lost cause.

There maybe one day I may try the book again, but for right now I just cant see it. It turns out just about every review about this book I read was dead on the money. From now on, I will try to listen to my heart instead of my head in regards to a book.

(Picture from The Reid Report)

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