Friday, January 28, 2011

Regarding that "O" book....

Last week I was debating whether I should by "O, A Presidential Novel". I was wondering whether I should buy it, let the library order it or just plain not read it at all. Since the author was anonymous, I had a bigger concern that I would be reading a book that was written by an anti-Obama person.

On Tuesday, I decided to let the library order it. That way I would save money and wouldn't be at a total loss if the book was bad.

Yesterday, Time revealed that Mark Salter, one of of John McCain's former speechwriters, is the author of the novel (even though he nor the publisher has confirmed it). But since they have a lot of evidence that looks like that may be true, I'm going to take their word. The New York Post also pointed towards Salter.

Part of me is relieved that I did not buy the book. I really don't want to support anyone who is against the mission of the President and of the man himself. There is even a book that is coming out in the next few weeks in which the author doubts Obama wrote his best selling books. I did have a bad feeling about the book, especially after I visited the Website for the book. Something just didn't sit right with me.

But there is another part of me that feels duped. I was actually excited about this book and to find out that a former McCain staffer was behind it makes me upset. But I can hear my cousin say that I should read it to see how the other side thinks. But I've been hearing what the other side thinks for the last two years and I don't like. At all.

When the book does show up on my library account, I will click the button to cancel the hold. At least no money was lost and maybe someone else will enjoy the book. But knowing who's behind it, I won't.

And the publisher could have gotten a better looking Obama lookalike:

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