Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've might have been MIA, but I'm still reading

Sorry I have been gone for so long. Between school, work and Delta, I have been pretty busy. I had a housewarming in February and then I lost my step-grandmother last month. And oh, I saw Kem and Prince in concert. So writing was pushed to the back burner. I will be busy this month with work and finishing grad school (graduation is in May). So if I do another disappearing act, you know why.

My reading has been slow as of late, but I did finish some books. I was slowly reading Glorious by Bernice McFadden and finally finished it about two weeks ago It was a great look into the Harlem Renaissance and I agree with many people that Oprah may want to make this into a movie.

I also recently finished Come Sunday Morning by Terry Hill. This book was full of drama plus some. It's about a pastor who falls in love with someone unexpected and hopes that no one finds out about his love affair. But as news spreads, all hell breaks loose. At the end of the book, I was wanting more (and I hope there is a sequel).

Imagine if Jane Eyre fell in love with Bruce Springsteen, or someone like him? This is what happens in Jane by April Linder. This modern retelling of the classic has Jane (who has dropped out of college after her parents' deaths) become a nanny for rock star's Nico Rathburn's young daughter. If you have read the book, it pretty much follows the storyline of Jane Eyre, with some modern twists.

As many who have been following this blog know, I attended the Capital Bookfest last year. It was the first time it was in Charleston and people are still talking about it almost six months later. Well, there will not be a Capital Bookfest 2011. :-( Things didn't work out and the stars didn't align the right way for it to happen. There are hopes that there will be one in 2012.

And I know people are wondering what happened to my post on the SC Book Festival. Well, the that book festival was pushed back from the last weekend in February to the second weekend in May. I am still thinking about going (because I will attending Columbia for graduation the week before and will have to drive back for this - and the lineup's not impressing me right now). I will let you know if I do.

And I still have a tendency to write a 140 characters or less. Follow me on Twitter @thereadingdiva! Sometimes I have a lot to say. :-)

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