Thursday, January 13, 2011

Delta Authors (in honor of our 98th Founders Day)

On January 13, 1913 at Howard University, 22 women decided that they wanted to make a change. So they came together and created a sorority based on community service and named it Delta Sigma Theta.

Ninety-eight years and 250,000 members later, the women of Delta continue to uphold the founders' purpose of having a sisterhood that also gave back to their communities. Whether it is through politics, the arts, education, or just giving someone a helping hand, the women of Delta have touched millions of lives.

In honor of Founders Day, I have compiled a list of authors who are Deltas. Some of them are well known. Some of them are not. I hope this will show the literary talent that women authors have to offer (even if they are a part of the greatest sorority in the world).

Do you like Christian Fiction? What about Victoria Christopher Murray or Stephanie Perry Moore?

Do you know that both of them also writes Young Adult books? Also check out Carla Sarratt and Sonia Hayes for some new YA reads.

Two sorors have recently wrote biographies. Helena Andrews wrote about being young, Black and single, while Natalie Cole wrote a beautiful story about her journey while she was waiting on a kidney transplant.

Need some inspiration? You can't go wrong with National Chaplin Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie.

Need some inspiration while working on the job? Black Expression's Carol Mackey recently released a book that will help.

Several years ago, Amy DuBois Barnett wrote a book about going after your dreams. She is now running one of the most storied magazines in the country.

Are you a single mom and need a inspirational guide? Soror Alisha Gordon recently released a book to help you on your journey.

Do you like poetry? You can't go wrong with Nikki Giovanni!

We suffered a heartbreaking blow last year with the loss of our 10th National President, Dorothy Height. Even though she may be gone, her story has inspired many of us to continue our work in civil rights.

And do you want to learn more about Delta in general? Soror Paula Giddings wrote a book about our wonderful history.

I know there are other sorors who are writers that I probably missed. But this short list show how diverse we are as sorors.

To all of the sorors who are reading this: Happy Founders Day!! Remember to uphold the virtues of our sorority and do all that you can for Delta!!

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