Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Books of 2010: True Crime

As of today, I have read ten true crime books this year. I think out of all the ones that I've read, only one of them I really didn't like. Most of these books were released this year, but there maybe a few that are older.

A Poisoned Passion by Diane Fanning: Air Force Staff Sgt. Mike Severance survived Iraq and Afghanistan, but did not survive his marriage to Wendi Davidson. Wendi, a vet, poisoned her husband and threw away his body in a stock pond. Fanning does a good job of highlighting both families affected by this crime.

Savage Son by Corey Mitchell: Bart Whitaker hires two of his friends to kill his immediate family so he can inherit their million-dollar fortune. Only problem is that his father lives. It takes a while for the cops to catch up with Bart and his friends and now Bart is on death row. And his father still defends him (as much as you can defend a son who tried to kill you).

Our Little Secret by Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie: For 20 years, the murder of Daniel Paquette was an unsolved case. With some persistent detective work and motivation from the victim's brother, the case leads back to Paquette's stepdaughter and her male friend, who pulled the trigger.

Fear Came to Town: The Santa Claus, Georgia Murders by Doug Crandell: Crandell does a good job of telling the story of Jerry Scott Heider, who eventually killed his most of his former foster family in cold blood.

Are there any true crimes books that you enjoyed this year? Are there some you are looking forward in 2011? Drop me a line!


  1. Thank you for the mention Maya! SAVAGE SON was easily my most difficult book to write as I truly came to abhor Bart Whitaker. One of the most evil humans I have ever encountered.

    Oh, and just to let you know, my name is Corey Mitchell, not Kevin. I believe you may have mixed me up with Bart's brother, Kevin.

    Thanks again.

    Corey Mitchell

  2. Thanks for stopping by Corey! I'm sorry about the having the wrong name, but it has been changed. I think I might have been either thinking of Kevin or jumping ahead to Our Little Secret.

  3. Hi Reading Diva,
    I'm a true crime author and wanted to let you know about a book I have coming out Feb. 1 that I think you might enjoy. It's called DEAD RECKONING, about the high profile murder of Tom and Jackie Hawks, who were tied to the anchor of their yacht and thrown overboard -- alive -- near Newport Beach, CA, by former child actor Skylar Deleon and his band of outlaws. Skylar and his wife pregnant wife Jennifer, the Bonnie and Clyde of Orange County, schemed to steal the yacht and pillage the Hawkses' bank accounts.
    Happy holidays!
    Best, Caitlin Rother

  4. Hi Maya,

    No worries! Again, thank you for including me on your "Best of True Crime 2010" list. Also, be sure to give Caitlin's books a shot. She's a wonderful author and even better human being.