Friday, July 24, 2015

Book News You Can Use 7/24/15

Relax in Paradise Chenjerai Hove, E. L. Doctorow and Tom Moore.

Prayers go out to Alan Cheuse, who was seriously injured in a car crash.

Congrats to Deborah Johnson for winning the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction!

Is Go Set a Watchman an indictment of the limits of liberalism?

Sebastian Junger is writing a book about how solders deal with stress after returning from wars.

Pledged, a book about how it goes down in (mostly white) sororities, has been recently updated.  Author Alexandra Robbins talks about how some sororities deal with sexual assault claims.

Reshonda Tate Billingsley talks about stereotypes and violence while promoting her new book Mama's Boy.

Edwidge Danicat talks about how she wrote her first Young Adult novel.

Toni Morrison talks about the inspiration behind The Bluest Eye.

Nigerian author Dillibe Onyema talks about the many authors that have come from his home country.

A new book discusses the impact of the late 60s-early 70s PBS show Soul.

Thanks to a lady and her neighbors, Franklin from Peanuts was created.

Here are some diverse fantasy books.

Hey Taylor, try to relate on what Onika was saying by reading these diverse feminism books. Maybe it will also inspire you to squash your beef with Katy.

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