Friday, May 22, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/22/15

Relax in Paradise Franz Wright.

Congratulations to Laszlo Krasznahorkai for winning the Man Booker International Prize!

There will be a lot of stories of Judy Blume in anticipation of her new (adult) book.  Here are some stories here, here and here.

An illustrated version of Toni Morrison's Beloved is being released.

Taiye Selasi wrote a series of short stories for Dove (the soap/shampoo, not the chocolate).

Soror Angela Flournoy wrote about Detroit's recovery in this essay.

Mat Johnson wrote about being biracial in this essay.
Here is a map of the most popular books in each state. I'm not surprised that The Prince of Tides is the most popular book in South Carolina because ya'll know how much we love Pat Conroy.

Here are some books to tie you over the series finale of Mad Men and the season finale of Scandal.

The BBC is making a movie about the Bronte sisters' lives.

The director of The Help is directing The Girl on the Train movie.  Hmm.

Celebrity or not: if someone paid me to write a book with my ex about our relationship and both of us got over $3 million, I'll be singing like a canary.

Legend Barbara Streisand is writing a memoir to be released in 2017!

Superhero creator Stan Lee is releasing a graphic memoir in October.

The Good Wife and ER star Julianna Margulies will be releasing a children's book.

Also writing a children's book is former First Kid (and maybe First Kid again) Chelsea Clinton.

Retired NFL star Ray Lewis is releasing a memoir.

The creator of Honest Toddler is releasing another book about toddlers.

This child is 13 and has several sci-fi books.

HuffPo released a good list of recent books that women should read.

Today marks the unofficial start of summer so PopSugar has some summer reading recommendations!

Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend! Don't forget to remember those who died for our rights and freedoms!

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