Friday, May 29, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/29/15

The New York Times came out with their summer reading recommendations last weekend. And it was an epic fail. THERE WERE NO BOOKS WRITTEN BY PEOPLE OF COLOR ON THE LIST. SERIOUSLY?!   Of course, the Internet universe ripped the publication apart about the lack of authors of color on their list.  Read this one from Roxane Gay. And this one from Gawker.  There have been a ton of diverse summer reads lists created since then (including The Root and The Grio, which I will address those lists in another post), but BuzzFeed's list was one of the best. And the Los Angeles Times also did a good job.  And with BEA and BookCon this week I know there will be a lot of think pieces on the lack of diversity in publishing coming in the next few days.

Relax in Paradise Hugh Ambrose and Tanith Lee.

James Patterson's domination in the literary world continues with his new imprint for kids.

Mat Johnson's new book was released this week and it was reviewed in the New York Times (but wasn't good enough to get on their summer list).  And he told people to kiss his biracial behind.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wants women and girls to forget about being liked by others.

Gloria Steinem is will be releasing her first book in over 20 years this fall.

Tina McElroy Ansa talks about memories about her childhood homes and their porches in this essay.

I love this series of photos featuring homeless patrons using public libraries.

A new music library in South Korea has 10,000 records. Not CDs. Not MP3s. Records.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/22/15

Relax in Paradise Franz Wright.

Congratulations to Laszlo Krasznahorkai for winning the Man Booker International Prize!

There will be a lot of stories of Judy Blume in anticipation of her new (adult) book.  Here are some stories here, here and here.

An illustrated version of Toni Morrison's Beloved is being released.

Taiye Selasi wrote a series of short stories for Dove (the soap/shampoo, not the chocolate).

Soror Angela Flournoy wrote about Detroit's recovery in this essay.

Mat Johnson wrote about being biracial in this essay.
Here is a map of the most popular books in each state. I'm not surprised that The Prince of Tides is the most popular book in South Carolina because ya'll know how much we love Pat Conroy.

Here are some books to tie you over the series finale of Mad Men and the season finale of Scandal.

The BBC is making a movie about the Bronte sisters' lives.

The director of The Help is directing The Girl on the Train movie.  Hmm.

Celebrity or not: if someone paid me to write a book with my ex about our relationship and both of us got over $3 million, I'll be singing like a canary.

Legend Barbara Streisand is writing a memoir to be released in 2017!

Superhero creator Stan Lee is releasing a graphic memoir in October.

The Good Wife and ER star Julianna Margulies will be releasing a children's book.

Also writing a children's book is former First Kid (and maybe First Kid again) Chelsea Clinton.

Retired NFL star Ray Lewis is releasing a memoir.

The creator of Honest Toddler is releasing another book about toddlers.

This child is 13 and has several sci-fi books.

HuffPo released a good list of recent books that women should read.

Today marks the unofficial start of summer so PopSugar has some summer reading recommendations!

Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend! Don't forget to remember those who died for our rights and freedoms!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/15/15

Relax in Paradise Peter Gay and William Zinsser.

Congratulations to the winners of the African Poetry Prize and the PEN Awards!

New stories about Attica Locke are here, here and here.

Rachel Howzell Hall talks about the lack of color in the mystery genre.

Toni Morrison responds to The New Progressive Agenda, which was announced this week.

Here is an excerpt of Judy Blume's new book.

The Big Little Lies series will be on HBO!

Are we surprised that the Obama Presidential Library will be in Chicago?

If this book about Hilary Clinton had so many errors, why was it printed in the first place?

I don't know who this Tyler Oakley fellow who is writing a book, but I do know who Luvvie is and she's writing a book too! #internetstars

If you are in the Columbia area this weekend, check out the South Carolina Book Festival.  Most likely, I'm skipping it again this year.  If you look at the author list, you will know why.

What do you get if you give Kristy from the Babysitter's Club Ayn Rand's voice?

Did you every want to know if you are a book addict?  Take this quiz!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/8/15

Relax in Paradise Ruth Rendell, Josh Ozersky and Marcia Brown.

Congratulations to Alice Notely for winning the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize!

Ashley and Jaquavis aren't my cup of tea, but their hustle game is impeccable.

Roxane Gay got to talk to Toni Morrison!

Here is an podcast about the new book The Fishermen.

Here is a nice review of Pleasantville.  And one on Ordinary Light.

Thank God the Internet wasn't around when Marvin Gaye dated and married his second wife.  He would have been the R. Kelly and Tyga of the 1970s.

The Mindy Project may be over on Fox, but at least Mindy Kaling can celebrate her new book.

ABC show Resurrection, which was based off the Jason Mott book (and not the British TV show), has been canceled.  I think I may put my thoughts into why in another post.

The Warmth of Other Suns is being developed as a drama for FX.

The Magicians is also being developed for television. So is the Bone Street Rumba series.

Reese Witherspoon has acquired movie rights for another book.

I'm currently reading Stuart Scott's book, which has me all up in my feelings.  And this classy move by Ernie Johnson made it worst.

This author made over $750,000 by publishing books on Amazon.

Is self-publishing a good option for African-American writers?

This week is Children's Book Week.  This and this has some ideas on how you can diversify a children's book collection.

Your child can earn free books at Barnes and Noble during the summer.

Librarians have been battling the NSA for years.

Shannon at Reading Has Purpose has made it back from the Caribbean!

Is this really what book nerds say?

Here are 14 reasons why you should join a book club, including the picture featured in today's blog.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Book News You Can Use 5/1/15

Congratulations to all of the Triangle Award and Edgar Award winners!  Congrats also go to Marion Coutts for winning the Wellcome Book Prize!

The Broadway musical Fun Home, which is based off an autobiography (that caused much controversy at one of the local colleges two years ago), was nominated for 12 Tony Awards.

More than 90 authors are protesting PEN American Center giving a free speech award to Charlie Hebdo.  But Salman Rushdie feels that the authors should get over it.

Publishers Weekly has come out with their Summer Reads book list for 2015!  So has Huffington Post.

Angela Fournoy's The Turner House was reviewed in the New York Times!

And Roxane Gay reviewed God Help the Child for The Guardian.

Speaking of Toni Morrison, if you were like me and missed her speak during her short book tour this week, here is video of her event in New York City on Monday.

And this chick got to meet Toni.  I'm jealous.

Here are some new stories about Attica Locke and Cynthia Bond.

The Head Ball Coach is writing an autobiography! #gogamecocks

Books that may be heading to a TV near you: The Fever and The Brief History of Seven Killings.

Green Eggs and Ham will be an animated show on Netflix in 2018.

Roots will be remade and back on TV next year.

The singing sisters on Nashville released a children's book (and a song to go with it).

Janet Mock is going to be on Super Soul Sunday this weekend!

Melissa Rivers and Taya Kyle are releasing books on how they have dealt with recent and sudden losses.

President Obama announced that 10,000 ebooks will be given out to children and is seeking committments to make sure that every child has a library card.  You can see yesterday's announcement here. #yassssss #makingsurethebabiesread #thankyouobama

Happy 85th Birthday Nancy Drew!

Shannon with Reading Has Purpose is currently in Trinidad and Tobago for their annual literary festival.  I forgot to ask her if I can stowaway in her suitcase.

Orsayor at Book Referees interviewed award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson for her blog.

Support this Kickstarter to help build Little Free Libraries!

Despite today's much welcomed news in the Freddie Gray case, author and Baltimore native Farai Chideya said that even thought there are no quick fixes to the city, its people give her hope.