Friday, January 23, 2015

Book News You Can Use 1/23/15

I know many of you watched the Bobby and Whitney movie on Lifetime last week.  And you probably saw the commercials for With This Ring.  Did you know it was based on a book called The Vow? I didn't until this week. Did you also know that Baggage Claim was also based on a book?  Let's hope that Hollywood is starting a trend where African American books become TV and featured movies.  Let's also hope that With This Ring is better than the Aaliyah and Brittney Murphy movies. Neither one of them deserved that, even if they're no longer here.

Relax in Paradise John Bayley.

Congratulations to all of the National Book Critics Circle and Edgar Award nominees!

Mitchell S. Jackson received the Ernest Gaines Award last night.  And here is a story about the man who the award was named after.

An investigation has started into whether poet Pablo Neruda was poisoned.

Here is another list of books to look forward to in 2015.

The Barnes and Noble CEO is retiring.

Can computers write cookbooks? If you're Watson (the computer who won Jeopardy!), you can.

Another book has been selected for the Facebook Book Club. Meanwhile, we are still waiting on Oprah's next selection.

More details have emerged in the Boy Who Came Back From Heaven scandal.  Looks like the boy and the mother have been calling the book fake for years.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote a new short story to help the vaccine cause.

Sharon Draper talks about her love of libraries and her new book.

The Stuart Scott memoir, which was completed before his passing, has been pushed up to March.

Alec Baldwin is writing a memoir... without a ghostwriter or co-author. This should be interesting.

LaLa Anthony is the latest celebrity to release a book about career advise.

These African-American LGBT writers deserve your attention!

Here are reviews of Citizens Creek , The Book of Negroes and One Night by fellow book bloggers.

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