Friday, August 22, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/22/14

Barnes and Noble and Samsung released their Nook tablet this week.  Those who have been reading the blog for a long time know I bought a Nook Color (the first tablet Barnes and Noble came out with) when it came out four years ago.  Even though I raved about it then, it is now showing its age (and the lack of power that it never really had).  I have been wanting to get an iPad for a long time because I have an iPhone and my work computer is a Mac. And I have been buying more ebooks on Amazon (I have the Kindle app on my phone, but small screens can be a struggle). But the $179 price for the Nook tablet had me thinking about buying one, compared to the $400+ price tag for an iPad.  But my coworker (who owns and knows everything Apple) talked me off the ledge.  So I guess I will wait and see what the new iPads will have next month.

Relax in Paradise Simin Benbahani and Samil al-Qasim.

Congrats to all of the Hugo Award winners!

Congratulations also go out to Margalit Fox and Kiese Laymon for winning the Saroyan Prize!

Winners and finalists of the National Book Awards will attend the Miami Book Fair International.

A new study shows that comprehension skills were worst for those who use e-readers.

A new college in Florida opened a library with no books. Sigh.

Laura Ingles Wilder's memoir for adults will be released in the fall. I thought it was called Little House on the Prairie. Oh wait. That's for kids.

James Brown's daughter recalls her painful childhood in a new memoir.

Teju Cole talks about rereading Baldwin's Stranger in the Village for the New Yorker.  And Lalia Lalami compares Notes of a Native Son to what's going on in Ferguson, MO.

One Plus One will be going on the sliver screen via New Line Cinema.

Publishers Weekly ran this story on Malaika Adero AFTER she was laid off.

A bookstore owner comes up with advice on how to sell diverse books.

Giovanni's Room, the country's oldest LGBT bookstore, has been saved!

One book is added every five minutes on Amazon.

Another reason why libraries rock: while schools have been closed in Ferguson, MO, libraries have been stepping up to the plate and educating the kids.

A reason to cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs (unless they are playing Carolina and especially on September 13) because one of their football players is a member of a book club.

You're never too old to write a romance novel.

Picture is from Publishers Weekly.

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