Friday, August 29, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/29/14

Relax in Paradise Desmond O'Grady and Robert Sherrill.

Congratulations to Robert Hass for winning the Wallace Stevens Award (and the $100,000 that goes with it).  Congratulations also go out to the American Book Award winners.

The UK children's laureate (who happens to be Black) received racist taunts after calling for diversity in children's books.

Here is a New York Times review of Brown Girl Dreaming.

Speaking of children's books, check out an expert of Zero Degree Zombie Zone by Essence editor Patrik Henry Bass.  Headline on the top of the article's a little misleading.

Check out this new app that helps you find children's and YA books from African-American authors.

Here is an article (with audio) from NPR that talks about the struggle of achieving diversity in publishing.

Kobo is introducing a waterproof e-reader.  Didn't know there was a need for such things.

If you were watching the Emmys this week, you probably saw this new Gone Girl trailer.

The movie adaptation for Inferno (the sequel to Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code) will start filming in April.

Zane's new book The Other Side of the Pillow has become a play and will make its debut in October (after Addicted comes out).

Hey, can Charleston County Public Library get a floating library?  Maybe I will bring it up at the next board meeting.

The oldest public library in America is in danger of closing.

Pastors in a town in Texas want some teens books removed from the local library because it deals with (in their words) the occult.

Robin Williams hasn't been dead a month and a biography is already in the works.

Was Suge Knight shot (again) over a book proposal?

Soccer star Tim Howard will be releasing a memoir (for adults and kids) in December.

Add children's author to Bruce Springsteen's many accomplishments.

Today would have been Michael Jackson's 56th birthday.  And with all that is going on in the world, this song has been on my mind lately.  Almost 20 years later, this song still have a relevant message.  Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/22/14

Barnes and Noble and Samsung released their Nook tablet this week.  Those who have been reading the blog for a long time know I bought a Nook Color (the first tablet Barnes and Noble came out with) when it came out four years ago.  Even though I raved about it then, it is now showing its age (and the lack of power that it never really had).  I have been wanting to get an iPad for a long time because I have an iPhone and my work computer is a Mac. And I have been buying more ebooks on Amazon (I have the Kindle app on my phone, but small screens can be a struggle). But the $179 price for the Nook tablet had me thinking about buying one, compared to the $400+ price tag for an iPad.  But my coworker (who owns and knows everything Apple) talked me off the ledge.  So I guess I will wait and see what the new iPads will have next month.

Relax in Paradise Simin Benbahani and Samil al-Qasim.

Congrats to all of the Hugo Award winners!

Congratulations also go out to Margalit Fox and Kiese Laymon for winning the Saroyan Prize!

Winners and finalists of the National Book Awards will attend the Miami Book Fair International.

A new study shows that comprehension skills were worst for those who use e-readers.

A new college in Florida opened a library with no books. Sigh.

Laura Ingles Wilder's memoir for adults will be released in the fall. I thought it was called Little House on the Prairie. Oh wait. That's for kids.

James Brown's daughter recalls her painful childhood in a new memoir.

Teju Cole talks about rereading Baldwin's Stranger in the Village for the New Yorker.  And Lalia Lalami compares Notes of a Native Son to what's going on in Ferguson, MO.

One Plus One will be going on the sliver screen via New Line Cinema.

Publishers Weekly ran this story on Malaika Adero AFTER she was laid off.

A bookstore owner comes up with advice on how to sell diverse books.

Giovanni's Room, the country's oldest LGBT bookstore, has been saved!

One book is added every five minutes on Amazon.

Another reason why libraries rock: while schools have been closed in Ferguson, MO, libraries have been stepping up to the plate and educating the kids.

A reason to cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs (unless they are playing Carolina and especially on September 13) because one of their football players is a member of a book club.

You're never too old to write a romance novel.

Picture is from Publishers Weekly.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mailbox Monday 8/18/14

I received a new book in the mail, so it's time for another edition of Mailbox Monday!

The book I received last week is Beyond the Velvet Rope by Tiffany Ashley.  As a matter of fact, I thought about buying this book a few weeks ago at Books A Million!  Thanks to Rock Inked for the book!

Are you interested in this book?  Hit me up in the comments sections!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/15/14

So like this famous scene from Network, I am mad as hell.

I'm mad as hell because a young African-American man can't walk the streets without being shot by police.  And people can't peacefully protest about said incident because police are coming out in riot gear and snipers.  And also try to block journalists from doing their jobs.

I'm mad as hell because a man who brought so much light and laughter to millions lost his battle to mental illness.

I'm mad as hell because it was announced that Malaika Adero at Atria was laid off this week.  This may cause a huge blow to the African-American literary scene, because a lot of the African-American themed books that are released are from Atria. Unless the books are from Strebor or Cash Money, most likely Malaika had a hand in it.  I'm also mad that Publishers Weekly buried this news to the bottom.

And I really should be happy because my baby cousin came into the world on Wednesday. But I'm still mad (and sad). Because my aunt, who died 10 years ago after fighting colon cancer, should have been here to see her first grandchild.  And also be here to send her youngest son off to his first day of high school.

But with all that being said, I am grateful to be in the land of the living.  Even though the world is in total chaos, there is still some good.  And you know one thing that does make life better and sweeter? Good books!

Relax in Paradise Lauren Bacall.

Since the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cover looks like something out of the Valley of the Dolls, BuzzFeed created alternative covers to children's classics.  And check out these Babysitters Club covers if they were to come out today.

Grumpy Cat has a new book and will be filming a movie that will be on Lifetime in time for the holidays. #catsstaywinning

Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show last week talking about Brown Girls Publishing, with some pretty big news.

Zane talks about her new book and the movie adaptation of Addicted in this article.  And for those who live in South Carolina, she will be at the Sandhills Books-A-Million tonight and the Aiken and Sumter locations tomorrow.  And Carl Weber will be at the Forest Acres Barnes and Noble in Columbia on Thursday.

Gina Sheridan, author of "I Work at a Public Library" gives a list of 10 people public libraries can't live without.

What happens if you don't like a book that your friend loves? Here's a possible solution!

Yeah, I'm not impressed with the libraries with no books either.

Just in time for the release of The Giver, Lois Lowry says she's over dystopian novels.  She is not the first person I've heard who has said that.

Looks like the movie version of The Husband's Secret has taken a step closer to production.

Misty Copeland's A Life in Motion has been optioned for a movie with New Line Cinema.

We are less than two months away from the release of the Gone Girl movie. Entertainment Weekly has more news.

Lindsey Lohan says her memoir will be a trilogy. #goodluckwiththat

I though about reading Lisa Bloom's book Suspicious Nation (which is about the Trayvon Martin case). I picked it up from the library.  After a while I returned it because I didn't want to develop high blood pressure.  It would have made me very angry.  She gives her thoughts on the Michael Brown case and possible results of a federal investigation. #ferguson #handsup #dontshoot

Monday, August 11, 2014

Maibox Monday 8/11/14

The mailbox received four books last week, so it's time for another edition of Mailbox Monday!

I was so happy to receive an advance copy of Jason Mott's upcoming book The Wonder of All Things! I enjoyed his first book The Returned (and the ABC show Resurrection, which is based on the book). And this book has been picked up by Lionsgate to become a movie!  Thanks to Rock Inked, Inc. for the book!

I also won a signed copy of Indulge Me Tonight by Altonya Washington on Goodreads.

Two books also came from Harper Books, which will be released in October:

Are you interested in any of these books?  Hit me up on the comments sections!  Thanks to the publishers, authors and PR people who provided the books!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/8/14

Today's Friday Reads is a An Untamed State by Roxane Gay.  It's about a woman who is kidnapped in her parents' home country of Haiti and her family's efforts to get her back.  This is the Book Club Groupies' latest selection and I suppose to have this book done by tomorrow in time for book club meeting (wish me luck). Lately, Roxane has been getting a lot of attention for the other book she released this year, Bad Feminist.  Check out her interview with NPR here.  Read about why she's a Bad Feminist here. And read about her recent unpleasant trip to Best Buy.

Relax in Paradise Billie Letts and Dorothy Salisbury Davis.

Time to vote for the African-American Literary Awards! Deadline is September 7!

J. K Rowling sent a letter to a Texas girl who lost her parents and siblings in a shooting.

Looks like libraries are struggling with ebooks. Why I am not surprised?

Sony e-readers are going in the way of Walkmans, Diskmans and mini-CDs.  What took them so long?

This blog says that selling ebooks from Facebook is in the future.

Here is what Amazon is and is not telling you about their ebook sales.

If this is any comfort to Hatchette, it took Kenningston 18 months to come up with a deal from Amazon.

Over 900 authors have signed a petition to ask Amazon to end their dispute with Hatchette.

James Patterson wrote an editorial about Jeff Bezos (probably wishing that Amazon and Hatchette can make up so he can sell even more books).

Google and Barnes and Noble are starting same-day deliveries.

Publishers are now heading to Soundcloud to market books.

Can someone please tell these people that Netflix for books is called the library?

We Need Diverse Books now has a website!

Here is (another) think piece on why there is an African-American section in the book store.

A new book about the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan is not getting good reviews and some are even claiming plagiarism. It's so bad there's now a lawsuit.

The New York Public Library now has an outdoor reading room.  And the Omaha Public Library has a book bike.

George R. R. Martin is re-releasing a children's book.

Speaking of children's books, here's a pro-gun rights kids book. Sigh.

More than 50 years after its release, A Wrinkle In Time will finally make it to the big screen.

Also making it to the big screen is Big Little Lies, with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon at the helm.

Speaking of Reese, she must be an avid reader because she's involved in FIVE movie adaptations (including Big Little Lies).

Universal will be adapting Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series for the big screen.  Are they going to remake Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire?

This article talks about 19th century African-American writings.

A woman is reaching out to children by putting books in laundromats.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mailbox Monday 8/4/14

Received another book in the mail over the weekend, which means it's time for another edition of Mailbox Monday!

I received this autographed copy of A Pinch of Ooh La La from author Renee Swindle after winning it on Facebook.

Is this a book you would like to read?  Hit me up on the comments section!  And if you need more convincing, read Read For Pleasure's review of the book!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Book News You Can Use 8/1/14

Congrats to all of the PEN Literary Award winners!

A Devil in A Blue Dress is coming to Broadway! Don't know if Walter Mosley named his book after the song.

Here are movie trailers for Horns and Mockingjay.

Eva Green may be staring in the movie adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  Tim Burton's directing.

Warner Brothers and director Brett Ratner have acquired rights for The Goldfinch.

We are coming to the dawn of the age of the celebrity bookseller.

Tia and Tamara are the latest set of celebrities that are getting in the book writing game.  Their targets: middle school students.

I read about Rachel Howzell Hall's book on Ebony's website a few weeks ago and got it from the library.  Here is a profile on her that was on NPR.

Speaking of Ebony, they have been recommending some good books lately.  Here's some evidence.

Check out this interview from one of my favorites, Tayari Jones.

A teacher who survived Sandy Hook is writing a book.

Check out this review of Saint Monkey in Mosaic Magazine.

One author brought up a discussion on how books can be saved in an ever-changing climate.

Sunday and every August 3 will now be known as Esther Day, named for the inspiration behind The Fault in Our Stars.

President George W. Bush is writing a book about his father, George H. W. Bush.

A posthumous book from Oscar Hijuelos will be published next year.