Friday, January 31, 2014

Book News You Can Use 1/31/14

Front of the Shirt...
And the back!
Many librarians don't get to travel for their job unless it is for a library association conference.  Because the nature of my job, I get to travel to conferences all across the state of South Carolina to promote the health information website that I help maintain.  Last weekend, I went to a conference for preschool teachers that we thought we were going to talk to a lot of people, but we didn't.  But the plus side was that there was a guy who was selling shirts to the teachers. And he had this shirt. And I bought it.  He also told me that he sells Divine Nine shirts with occupations on them, so I hope he has a Delta Librarian shirt. I have been looking for one for over two years.  You can find the shirt on this website.

Relax in Paradise Jose Emilio PachecoAnthony Lovett , Morris Turner,  Leslie Lee and Pete Seeger.

Swedish author Henning Mankell is battling cancer.

The American Library Association's Midwinter Conference just ended, which means that book awards were given out.  Here are the lists of award winners for children's books and adult fiction.

I don't know why the author only came up with 16 major advantages of being a book lover.

And this woman wrote about why she loves libraries.

A new study shows that the most likely person to read a book is a college-educated African-American woman. I think I fit this. ;-)  Essence's book editor gives his reasons why.

For $750 (and a trip to New York City, for some of us), you can have an author come to your book club meeting.  What happened to Skype?

I guess since the book section is missing in the February issue of Ebony (as far as I could see, but double check behind me), they gave us this instead. Side-eying the first book mentioned.

This Korean-American professor is teaching African-American literature to students at UNLV.  And can thank Henry Louis Gates for her interests.

Attica Locke recently did an interview with NPR.

I didn't know there was a campaign to read more books by women in 2014.  Here are 50 books to get you started.

Movie plans are already in place for The Good Luck of Right Now.  Did I mention that this book doesn't come out until next week?

Michelle Dean writes about YA Dystopia.

Malaika Adero, who works at Atria, shows the upcoming books she's been working with. Great lineup!

ETA 2/3/14: Website of the t-shirt company.


  1. Yes, Ebony deserves the side-eye. Going over to Malaika Adero's now.....

  2. I'm not necessary giving Ebony the side-eye, but more for the fact that Lala has a book about relationships. She has always annoyed me for some reason. I blame Uncle Steve for this relationship books by celebrities uptick.