Friday, November 1, 2013

Book News You Can Use 11/1/13

Chain Letter Rules!!

The Hurston/Wright Awards were given out last weekend in Washington, D.C.

Speaking of the Hurston/Wright Foundation, they recently had some leadership changes.

Sad that I missed Attica Locke in Spartanburg last week, but happy to see she has won the Ernest Gaines Award for Literary Excellence! Congratulations! #woohoo

Read bell hook's thoughts about the Lean In book and movement.

How did I miss that Reese is going to be in the movie based on Wild?

Sometimes, I think adults read into too much of things that kids enjoy. This is a perfect example.

A documentary on Alice Walker will be screened at a upcoming film festival.

Alice's daughter Rebecca talks about her new book with The Root.

Dear Dr. Murrary: Do not write a memoir. I need for you to find out where Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman are hiding. And wherever they are, I need you to disappear there. FOREVER.

Willie Nelson is writing a memoir. And Morrissey's autobiography will be published in the United States.

Here is an awesome NY Times story about Ntozake Shange, who has suffered from several health problems over the last decade.

Poet and photographer Thomas Saylers Ellis discusses how he has been influenced by Maya Angelou.

I work at a medical library and there would probably be some students that would love the idea of living at the library, like these students at NYU.

Speaking of libraries, this story proves why librarians (including yours truly) ROCK.

We haven't finished eating our Halloween candy and a major Best of 2013 list is already out.

Scott Turow is in town today. I'm not going, unless you lend me $45.

There is a book luncheon today too.  That also requires money.

And Sebastian Junger will be in town soon. Also would need money for that, but it won't matter because I will be in St. Thomas when he comes.

I like R. L. Stine and all, but this was no contest. Christopher Pike all of the way!! Two words: CHAIN LETTER.

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