Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Reads 2013

I know this is way late, but we still have a few weeks left in summer. So without further delay, here are the summer reading recommendations by publications and other media outlets.

LA Times (and I have several of these books)

Esquire (find your guy something to read)

Parade (And can someone tell me where I can find the shirt Stephen King wore on the cover?)

PureWow (love the interaction)

Pic is from Popcorn The Blog.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Book News You Can Use 7/26/13

Above is the trailer for Half of a Yellow Sun. Enjoy!

And the author of Half of a Yellow Sun got some of her fellow (male) African authors all emo.

Relax in Paradise Helen Thomas and Lindy Hess.

GoodReads has now reached 20 million users!

The long list for the Booker Prize for Fiction was announced on Tuesday. I currently have "We Need New Names".

So Brad Thor offered to replace George Zimmerman's gun. Yes the same gun he used to kill an unarmed teenage.  Jason over at Rubicon Reader nicely rips him a new one.

Message for JK Rowling: no matter who reveled you were Robert Galbraith, you're still winning.

Ann Rule is suing a Seattle weekly newspaper for defamation, saying that the article hurt her reputation and book sales.  You get 'em, Ann.

Here is a lovely slideshow of the Harlem Book Festival.

Flowers in the Attic is about to become a Lifetime movie.

Speaking of movies, rights to Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl trilogy have been acquired.  They really should do the first book only.  The sequels....uh, no.

Who is Rosamund Pike? And can she play bats**t crazy? #gonegirl

Zadie Smith is working on a Sci-Fi novel.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book News You Can Use 7/9/13

Sad to hear of the passing of Francis Ray.  She came to the South Carolina Book Festival several years ago, but didn't get a chance to meet her due to a work commitment.  Prayers go out to her family, friends and fans.  Articles of her passing are here and here.

One of my friends yesterday also alerted me of the passing of Destiny Smith, AKA Author MiAmor, earlier this week. She was only 18 and had already published two books.

Barnes and Noble is not having a good month.  First they decided to get rid of the Nook HD and now their CEO quits.

Speaking of Random House, their merger with Penguin became official last week.

I will be missing for a few days due to my attendance at the 51st National Convention of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  I will at least get the summer reads listing out and have it published later in the week or early next week.  There will be a literary fair and program as a part of the convention.  Many authors will be there, including a very famous football player.  A recap of this event (as well as others I haven't written yet) will be on the blog when I get back.