Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Post: God Don't Make No Mistakes

Several weeks ago, I received an advanced copy of God Don't Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroe.  I admit that I hadn't read the "God Don't" series (but I do plan to!). I knew my friend Flashette (which you met here) had read the series and would like to have the opportunity of reading and reviewing it. I gave her my copy to check it out and she gave me a review.  Flash is a teacher, reviewer for OOSA, avid reader and friend. 

Here is her review:

God Don’t Make No Mistakes is the final installment in the “God Don’t” series by Mary Monroe. The series follows the lifes and adventures of two childhood friends: Annette and Rhoda. These ladies have survived it all from molestation to breast cancer, from prostitution to the death of a child. They make it through these challenges because of their unshakeable friendship. This bond is again tested as the ladies find themselves at odds about the best interest of their daughters. 

Annette’s daughter Charlotte, once again finds herself involved with the wrong crowd. When she tries to tell her mother about what is going on, Charlotte mistakes her attitude for moodiness. Will Charlotte be able to get through to her mother before things take a dangerous turn? Then there’s Jade, Rhoda’s rebellious daughter. Jade does everything in her power to bring her mother pain and sorrow. Through it all, Rhoda still loves her. So, she hatches a plan to get her daughter on the right path once and for all. In addition to our two stars, Monroe brings back the rest of the quirky family members. These characters provide just enough comic relief to keep the storyline moving. 

I have read every novel in the “God Don’t” series and I must say that this novel is my least favorite. This is probably because I have grown tired of the group and am no longer interested in their life stories like I did in the past. However, I still found the story to be entertaining with quite a few LOL moments. I will truly miss these characters, especially Scary-Mary. I like the fact that Monroe gives true closure to the story and its characters. The reader definitely will not be wondering about what happens to the main characters later in life. For an author to truly end a series, this closure is necessary. So, while I bid farewell to Annette, Rhoda and the gang, I look forward to Monroe writing more books with characters that I will grow to love and be entertained with for many years (and series) to come.

Thanks, Flash!

Disclaimer: Received advanced copy from Kensington Publishing.