Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Reads 2012

Last year, I wrote this extensive list of which books I was looking forward to reading over the summer.  But this year, I don't have that kind of list.  This summer, I will be trying to read as many books that I have bought from festivals, signings, Friends of the Library events and just plain old bookstore visits/B&N Website browsing (for the Nook Color).

Here are some major media outlets that are featuring their summer reads list. More will be added as they become available:

NY Times

USA Today (Interactive)


Good Housekeeping

Journal Sentinel (Added 5/29/12   I got 99 books....)

Chicago Tribune (Added 5/29/12)

Wall Street Journal (Added 5/29/12)

Entertainment Weekly (Added 5/29/12)

Library Journal (Added 5/29/12)

NY Daily News (Added 5/31/12)

Entertainment Weekly (Added 6/1/12)

Publishers Weekly (Added 6/8/12)

LA Times (Added 6/8/12)

Oprah Magazine (Added 7/5/12)

Daily Candy (Added 7/5/12)

Learnvest (Added 7/5/12)

What books do you plan to read this summer?


  1. Hey there I am so glad that someone....wrote a summer list for African Americans. I've seen the list from Black Enterprise. I couldn't find one. I read all books mind you but still want the list of African American best reads, new releases, best sellers, as well as summer reads....I guess I will think about starting a list.

  2. I see that you do this I am excited to read your lists...thank you for being here...