Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Books in 30 Days recap

Last month, I started on a journey to read ten books in thirty days.  I thought I was on the way of getting there, but I failed.

I read four books.

The third book I finished was Diamond Life, the sequel of Platinum.  It's about the lives of hip hop stars and their spouses/lovers and some, if not all, of them were inspired by real life stars.  I actually enjoyed this one a little more than Platinum, but my only complaint is that one of the characters that was highly featured in Platinum wasn't in Diamond Life much. And if the real life inspiration to Bunny is anything close to the character....

The fourth book I finished was Redefining Diva by Sheryl Lee Ralph.  This book is mostly a biography, but gives pearls of wisdom along the way. I had a chance to meet Soror Ralph at Regional Convention last year and she is just as sweet and gorgeous in person.

I think what messed me up was that I read a lot of books that were long and needed more of my attention rather than quick and easy reads.  I will keep that in mind the next time I do a challenge like this.

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