Wednesday, April 4, 2012

10 Books in 30 Days: The Good Son

There is one word to describe this true crime book: BOO!

I had started reading The Good Son almost two weeks ago, but didn't really get that far. Since the book's not long (about 260 pages), I decided to make it a part of my challenge.

This is a case where a 19-year old guy killed his parents with the help of his girlfriend, her best friend and the night manager at the IHOP they hung out at. The motive was (supposedly) for money. The parents were stabbed and shot to death.

I would normally list the names of these people when I review true crime books, but this book may me not care. Why? Because only 70 pages of this book was dedicated to background about the suspects and the victims. The rest of the book was dedicated to trial coverage of the guy and his girlfriend (the other two suspects plead out).

Then in the end, the author admits that she sent the guy books in jail and has been communicating with him. WTH?

It was an easy read, but I kind of wish I passed on it. I'm glad I wasn't alone in that feeling. I felt like I got more information on this when it was featured on Deadly Women.