Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sister Souljah Comes to Charleston

On the first stop to promote her new book, Sister Souljah came to the Northwoods Books-A-Million in North Charleston. As you can tell by the picture, I was there.

Sister Souljah started out reading the first chapter of her new book, Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Afterwards, she took questions from the audience. A Coldest Winter Ever movie? She bought the rights back after interest in the movie fell through. Why was Midnight hooked up with an Asian girl? To show diversity in the world and that black men are being pursued by all races. What will be the next book about? About Winter's sister.

I really enjoyed Sister Souljah's reading and the book signing event. A lot of people came out and were excited about her new book (some were reading the book before she arrived). One of my friends even told her that she will read the Midnight books since she spoke of them so well.

She left a wonderful message when she signed my copy of Midnight and the Meaning of Love:

Love is suppose to make you feel good - keep you safe and happy. Love truly!


  1. Is her hair in pigtails tho? LOL Glad to see you enjoyed the event! : ) Signings/readings are my favorite part of the literary experience.

  2. I am glad she left a personal message for everyone's book. "The streets will not love our daughters. We must!"-Sister Souljah I have always been inspired by her and she made me miss NY deeply. She is right...NY is so diverse you meet people from all nationalities...I kind of want that for my girls. Thank you for coming out. You and Valinda ROCK!

  3. Jeanette took the words right out of my mouth. Pigtails tho?

    The personal messages in everyone's book is very thoughtful of her. Wish she was coming here.

  4. Cat, I commend you for coming out while you were under the weather and bringing your girls with you! No, YOU ROCK!!

    Marie, she said she will be on tour until July, so cross your fingers and she may come to a city near you.

    And I was also a little shocked about the pigtails when she first came out. LOL.