Monday, December 13, 2010

Now that I have a e-reader, I need something to read!

I have had my Nook Color for about three weeks now. So far, I have been able to read books (still working on the touchscreen highlight) and surf the Internet. I even took part in a Nook Color class that Barnes and Noble offers every Saturday (at least the one near my house does).

But one thing I have been having trouble with is finding the right thing to read. Some e-books go up to $15, which is still cheaper than the would be at the store. And maybe it's because I still haven't jumped the e-book ship totally. It seems like with most new stuff I get (especially the ones I spend money on), I get a little hesitant about using it.

I went to the library Saturday and ran into a good friend of mines who works there. She recently bought a Sony Reader. She was telling me about the hard time she was having with finding e-books, to the point where she thought about selling the Sony Reader and getting something else. I told her to check out Google Books, which does have a lot of African-American books. And if she still wasn't happy, she can get a Nook, where B&N has more of a selection.

But my friend brought up a point that I didn't think of. She said that she's now into independent African-American authors and would like to know where she could find some authors who also offer e-books. I think some of this may have been answered with a story Felicia Pride wrote for Publishers Weekly regarding e-books and African-American publishing. Some of the information provided gives insight into the exciting things that will be happening in the publishing world in the next year.

Besides the ones mentioned in Felicia's story, are there some other independent publishers who offer e-books to their readers? Any other places I should check out to find something to read? Your help will be appreciated! :-)

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  1. I get most of my independent author books from